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3 Looks We Love – Boho Chic Lohan…On Fire.

OKAY you caught us, all these things aren’t happening at once, but they sure are cute looks times three! Here are our favorite Polyvore sets of the week, featuring your favorite modern jeweler. Enjoy!

Catching Fire
boho chic...
Lindsay Lohan

3 Looks We Love – Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Alice

One particular Polyvore user really impressed us this week with her simple but fabulously-styled sets, all with a touch of Kyler! All of our top looks of the week go to Laurrad – three is a magic number!

These hoops and those boots are a match made in heaven.
A gorgeous maxi dress is the perfect solid compliment to our Anode dusters!
A very bangle-y birthday!

3 Looks We Love – Green Glamour, Bilson Beauty, The New Chic

We have a fresh new lineup of stylish looks that we love from our favorite users on Polyvore! Check out these sets using your favorite designer jewelry, with some perfect light touches for the holidays…


A super cute interpretation of Rachel Bilson’s awesome leather jacket and dress!
=) by styleace46 featuring a military coat

A glamorous take on moss green for winter.
cocktail party



Sheer drama is super feminine for holiday parties.
Stay tuned for more and participate in Polyvore contests here: http://www.polyvore.com/win_kyler_eco_jewelry/group.show?id=94301!

3 Looks We Love: short and sweet, modern nude, wild fox

The good looks just keep coming! Our fans on Polyvore create some of the cutest outfits with our eco jewelry. Here are our Top 3 Polyvore Set picks for this week…

This look is so easy – but it’s also done just right! Great for a late afternoon stroll…

Modern and seamless garments and accessories make this outfit look totally updated – super cute!

Baby by Holly Biebs featuring a cord necklace

A totally hip look that takes our hoop earrings downtown!

3 Looks We Love: sparkle and shine, combat baby, sailor sweet

Our fans on Polyvore know what’s up! They’ve made some of the cutest outfits using our eco jewelry and we want to share them with you! Here are our Top 3 Polyvore sets this week…

A modern and minimalistic way to rock a sequin top – paired with our totem charm bracelet!

Both sweet and strong – an innovative way to wear combat boots!

Navy, white, and red all over with our Japan Relief Hoops!

3 Looks We Love: warm summer fun, luxe punk, and the little white dress

New sets from our favorite Polyvore users! Here are our Top 3 Polyvore Looks of the week by some of the most stylish users and including our eco jewelry…

Warm textiles and bright metals make this look irresistible!

Like Rick Owens but with a feminine touch – so cute!

The best way to accessorize a white dress – we’d so wear it!

3 Looks We Love: tribal grunge, geometric sophisticate, and buckled up beauty

More from our fashionable fans on Polyvore! Here are this week’s Top 3 Favorite Polyvore Sets from some of the most stylish users – with equally stylish eco jewelry…

Almost too cool, pairing detailed accessories with soft grays and a nude face.

Subtle gem tones and faceted geometric for a look that’s both sweet and strong!

Easy and effortless – buckles and a bright pop of salmon pink totally complement these shorts and dangles.