about our eco jewelry

When both style and sustainability are equal priorities, design thrives. That’s what we found when we took the leap from simply maintaining an ethical green workplace, to making sustainable designer jewelry the core of our business.

Building on the success and reknown of celebrity favorite Joy O Designs, Kyler by Joy O creates eco chic styles that are contemporary and evocative, yet subtle and timeless. Within each collection, one might recognize the often overlooked beauty of everyday objects: a solitary moth’s wing, the delicate swirl of an oyster’s shell, or the poetic simplicity of a hand-wound ball of string. Even without the physical presence of these objects, their essential grace is alluded to in the abstracted hand-drawn designs, wrought in feather-light but surprisingly substantial intaglio pendants, that form the basis of Kyler jewelry.

San Francisco-based designer Joy Opfer finds insipration in ecological alternatives that can help to make fashion a carbon neutral industry. Joy recognizes the intrisic beauty of materials such as recycled stainless steel or glass, and that the use of these elements contributes to the longevity and value of each piece.

Our motto is ecological + social responsibility without sacrifice of quality or style. While primary components of our designs are finely crafted versions of industrial elements such as recycled glass and steel, our jewelry is made to be heirloom quality, also utilizing 100% USA made recycled sterling silver and 14 karat gold fill chains and findings. These materials are sure to stand the test of time, both in their durability as well as their constant relevance, defying fashion trends. They are non-allergenic, and with gentle wearing and proper care, can be passed down through generations.

We produce all Kyler designs in our San Francisco studio, and source all materials from US suppliers that provide ethical work facilities, fair wages and labor practices.

view the debut collection + find out more at www.kylerdesigns.com.


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