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Faye McAuliffe Interior Inspirations

Though simple both on the web and in person, California-based Faye McAuliffe has managed to accomodate all our favorite friends “balance”, “proportion”, “sequence”, “unity”, and “emphasis” in the modern home.

Hitting the amazing homes of California beach towns, we’re so inspired by her photographs of updated spaces.





Her blog, You Are the River, will take you even further into idea land.


All Things Considered – Logical Art’s ‘Empty Memory’

In a perfect world, all things, be them everyday or occasional, would be created with design as a top priority. From parking meters, to egg cartons, to treadmills, both form and function would reign supreme in our happy little design junkie world.

This is a tall order. We know.

But according to Logical Art, not all is lost! A functional and technological USB memory stick at the very least, deserves to live in our modern fairytale. The “Empty Memory” collection features both “structure” and “transparent” styles cast from stainless steel with a brushed hand-finish. Available at the end of this month, we hope these kinds of innovations steer the way for modern design.

Preorder from Logical Art here:
Special thanks to Design Milk for this captivating story.

Formwerkz Architects’ Black & White House

Consider this a clean and modern canvas on which you can paint your lifestyle. The Black & White House in Singapore by Formwerk Architects was built to conform to the triangular lot on which it was built.

Needless to say, we love modern homes and modern design, but this one we adore for its contrast and variety of textures. Timeshare in Singapore, anyone?

Check out the full post on Design Milk!

Three Jewelry Storage Solutions for the Modernist in You…

It’s amazing that as jewelry and accessory design progresses to a fabulous contemporary standard, jewelry boxes have somehow managed to…well, stay in the olden days. So of course we found these jewelry storage designs to be very refreshing and ideal candidates for your modern jewelry collections. Check them out!


Super pretty and lockable (in case you have that kind of roommate) boxes from West Elm that come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Almost as attractive as what’s to be stored inside!








Umbra’s minimalistic “Twigsy” metal jewelry tree fits a lot on its three branches and is quite attractive in its matte black finish. Find it on Amazon.

The Belle jewelry holder from Design Within Reach is both simple and inconspicuous as jewelry storage – quite modern and lovely!

Here’s to giving your Kyler jewelry pieces a chic home!

Independent Insider: Three Etsy Favorites We Want to Share with You!

Being an independent company ourselves, we’re always looking for more ways to support the small business industry. This time around, let us share three Etsy products with you that are likely to end up in the studio…

 Modern Mobile Himmeli No. 6 by AMRadio
From simple plastic straws comes Finnish tradition, and a beautiful delicate mobile for you home. Check out AM Radio’s shop for other mobile styles.

Mt. Whitney Chair by Blake Avenue Furniture
Reclaimed douglas fir and recycled iron make this eco friendly piece that much more perfect for your home.

Modern Candle Holder by Gildem
This cedar wood candle holder is so clean and simple – we envision it with natural beeswax candlesticks.

A Cute Triangle in an Incredible Office – Cheap Monday’s Stockholm HQ

It comes to no surprise that one of our favorite fashion and denim brands (really, wearing a pair while writing this) would have equally admirable headquarters. Created by UglyCute Architecture and Design, the main office in Stockholm for Cheap Monday is 10,000 square feet of some of the most cunning use of 90 degree angles we’ve ever drooled over…

Upstairs serves as a public showroom for upcoming collections, while the downstairs area serves as an inspiring space for designers, inclusive of a pyramid-shaped conference room that really goes to show all the ways that triangles can make a room look so multifaceted.

And may we just mention how cute pets really enhance the space? Every square foot has been considered in this office for storage and seating opportunities without overcrowding each area.

Needless to say, we’re completely inspired by this environment – a true testament to the harmonious pairing of fashion and interior design! We advise that you keep an eye on UglyCute to see what they’re up to next, and slip into a pair of Cheap Mondays when you get a chance (they’re only about $70)!

Special thanks to Cyril Foiret at Trendland for this awesome content.


Stop the Water, Save the World, Get a Shampoo Mohawk

We are constantly thinking about design (we know that seems obvious, but we couldn’t emphasize that enough!) and we know that great design goes way beyond the product and expands on smart and attractive containers and packaging, all the way into how something looks in its shipping box. It’s why our jewelry is sent in a reusable Kyler by Joy O eco bag instead of a disposable box, why our shipping materials are cradle-to-cradle, and why opening a package from Kyler is kind of like your birthday!

So when we see brands that share our love for designs that make a beneficial statement, we’re pretty much sold. Enter Stop the Water While Using Me, a new brand of organic personal care products that not only use biodegradable containers, but also give you that little reminder that the shower doesn’t have to keep running while you’re making shampoo mohawks.

We love the simple and attractive package design and the fact that products are organic and don’t use unnecessary additives that go straight down your drain. Now we’re just tapping our feet until these fabulous new products are available this year!

We’re not the only ones paying special attention to eco-friendly products either, our very own Cameron Diaz is a green celebrity maven. Check out our Cameron Diaz jewelry!

Thanks to Cyril Style from Trendland for leading us to this brand!