Green Your Music Festival this Season

Combine our most recent Earth Day Polyvore contest and Polyvore’s Coachella Style contest (our favorite looks soon to come!) and we were reminded of an important environmental opportunity, now that Festival Season is here.

Green Your Music Festival

This Green Music Festival article from Milkshake brought our attention to a greater organization, A Greener Festival. AGF is a not-for-profit company committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices, and they’ve probably been around at the concerts and festivals you frequent, quietly helping event coordinators green your music environment.

Every year, they offer the AGF Award for the greenest event, both big and small, so do your best to be in-the-know of all the recycling and environmental efficiency programs happening at the events you attend in order to help out!

Here are some other ways you can green your music festival experience:
1. Skip the plastic bottle stands and bring a reusable water bottle. Events are getting very good at offering watering stations for you to refill.
2. Bring a backpack to avoid all the plastic bags from buying merchandise.
3. Utilize events shuttle systems and public transportation (and skip the parking lot gridlock when the show’s over)
4. Finger food: Opt for foods that require fewer utensils, plates, and napkins
5. Pick up when you can. Not everyone is going to behave like a green hero, so dispose of wandering bottles and cans as you walk by recycling bins

Of course you can always green your style with Kyler eco modern jewelry!
Finally, revisit the A Greener Festival website to see which event won for 2012!

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