San Francisco’s Sea Salt Harvesting Just Comes Naturally…

Given San Francisco’s maritime reputation, it comes to no surprise that we’re responsible for a major ocean-related kitchen essential: salt. What did surprise us however, was the fascinating process of how it’s harvested, and most particularly…where.

Photo Courtesy The Kitchn & Emma Christensen

For those that travel through San Francisco International Airport, the shallow-looking bodies of water on the bayside are no longer a mystery…they’re actually sea salt harvesting ponds, with their bold red color coming from algae and shrimp brine.

Photo Courtesy of The Kitchn & Emma Christensen

The whole process is incredibly natural compared to so many other harvesting practices, with natural evaporation, gravitational water flow, and no additives, for a result that is as lovely as the sea from which it came!

Check out the full article and see more images by Emma Christensen on The Kitchn.


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