BAGGU to You! Our favorites from the ever-evolving BAGGU line…

Is it just us or did BAGGU suddenly turn into an even huger sensation?! We’ve always been huge fans of their basic BAGGU and Baby BAGGU lines – an extremely well-designed and well-made reusable tote, but now there are styles and colors galore, and we’re dying for all of it! Here are our favorites right now…

Obviously there are a lot to choose from (even a leather version has now been released) but no bag is better than the other. What BAGGU endorses is the idea of the everyday carryall. Your constant errands, traveling through your day, does not have to involve disposable bags, and never should. And with designs like these, there’s no reason you wouldn’t take it everywhere!















And don’t forget that when in BAGGU doubt, you can always pull out your Kyler eco bag (free with every Kyler by Joy O purchase). It’s our little thank you for choosing a sustainable designer – and protects your jewelry while on it’s way to you!

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