Congratulations to Our Vivid Rouge Winners!

This season’s hottest color just got a turn for the season with our latest contest on Polyvore! We asked our favorite users to show us how they’d be wearing bright coral red this fall, and they completely amazed us with their fresh takes on a popular hue with our sustainable eco jewelry. Here’s the lineup…

1st Place: My Way to Wear Bright Coral Red – Honii
Congratulations to Honii, who’s just won a $50 gift certificate toward Kyler eco jewelry! We had to appreciate her excellent curation of this DVF blouse and subtle touches of natural accents. Fantastic!

Vivid Rouge - My Way to Wear Bright Coral Red

2nd Place: Kyler Eco Girl – Chikita
Both fresh and classic at the same time, it was the DKNY color block tote in this set that stole our hearts, alongside creative use of text and accents. So cute!

Kyler Eco Girl

3rd Place: New York Minute – Blujay
A bright and colorful take on the heritage style identity (and some fabulous Modcloth shoes) made this street-casual look a year-round win!

New York Minute

Stay tuned for the next contest for your chance to win $50 toward our eco chic jewelry!

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