The All-Natural and Chemical-Free Way to Remove Silver Tarnish

Some of our lovely customers have been asking us about keeping your sterling silver Kyler jewelry shiny and new, so we’ve put together a little tutorial on cleaning tarnished silver at home the non-toxic and eco-friendly way!

*Please note that this is for cleaning pure sterling silver jewelry ONLY – do not use these cleaning methods on gold, steel, or any plated jewelry items, as well as jewelry with stones or intentional oxidization

Without harsh scrubbing or polishing, you can make a natural electrochemical dip using aluminum foil and baking soda. really helped us out with this one: How to Make Silver Polishing Dip

Or you can follow along with this easy YouTube video by MissOnHerOwn!

Using this cleaning technique on your silver sustainable designer jewelry will keep things shining like new!

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