Wildcrafted and Wonderful: Juniper Ridge

I went to the green festival today (check out facebook for my favorite picks!) and I had the complete pleasure of meeting Obi and Alli from Juniper Ridge.

If you don’t know this company, or their amazing wildcrafted goods, you should. If you appreciate the outdoors, you will swoon at the incredible scents.

The most impressive aspect of their products is that they literally gather their own all the plant materials, distill their own oils, make hydrosols and – all to create teassoaps, solid perfumes, room and body sprays, and more – from trips all across the American west.  You can see and learn more about the process and inspirations on their blog.

When I go on a hike, my favorite part of the experience is the scent of the surroundings – trees, dirt, mosses, shrubs, grasses, ponds – everything wild and free. If you have ever been in a California redwood forest, you will recognize the scent instantly in their new room and body spray, Steep Ravine. A Pacific Northwest mountain meadow is captured in a bottle in Cascade Glacier. These are truly amazing, healing and transformative scents. Simply close your eyes and inhale to be transported to pristine wild spaces.

Juniper Ridge also walks the walk – donating 10% of profits to defending our western wilderness, and encouraging us to all get out there and experience our wild spaces that are all of ours to enjoy, appreciate, and love.

Check them out at JuniperRidge.com, connect on Facebook or Twitter.

Til next time, with love…
xo Kyler


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