Congratulations to Kyler’s ‘Rose to the Cause’ Winners!

Another (particularly significant) contest on Polyvore has come to a close – and we’ve got lucky winners to announce! This October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in an effort to help spread awareness of this disease, we asked our fans to create a look using our 14 karat rose gold jewelry! During the month of October, 20% of all proceeds from the purchase of rose gold on our website is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure – so we really appreciate that you all helped out by submitting entries to Rose to the Cause! Here’s the lineup:

1st Place – B-Rex: Rose to the Cause
Congratulations to Bridgett, who has just won $50 toward Kyler! We thought this was the perfect combination of incredibly unique pieces and important messaging. We also love that she chose other products made for Breast Cancer Awareness – overall it was the perfect amount of curious, and completely awesome!


ROSE to the Cause featuring Kyler's rose jewelry

2nd Place – BluJay: For the Cause
A rich color palette and greater significance caught our attention with this set. We also loved how she took a simple pair of pumps and added her own rosy applique!

For the Cause

3rd Place – Mathew: Bravery
A beautifully curated and modern take on wearing some particularly fierce colors. And might we add that we’re so excited to try out that fabulous eye color this fall!



So nice work to all of our contestants! We really appreciate your style, enthusiasm, and most of all, your compassion.

Stay tuned for the next contest using your favorite eco jewelry!

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