Stapled Together: Our Top 5 Year-Round Essentials

Narrowing anything down to just 5 is hard…trust us, hard! But after careful thought, we’ve developed a little list of the fashion essentials we know we just can’t live without, rain or shine, Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall.

The Kyler convertible chain necklace. No matter what jewelry we reach into our jewelry boxes for, and no matter what collection they’re a part of, we always add a convertible chain. Great on their own worn in their many versatile ways, or layered with pendant necklaces, this is just one essential style that we couldn’t live without.

Ankle boots. Call them a year-round staple, because these seem to always look good with leggings, tucked-in jeans, skirts of any length, and in any fabric or color you can dream of. It’s no wonder that designer just keep this style going and going. And they can actually handle all the walking we do!

The Maxi Skirt. Probably the only skirt you can pull off in both warm and cold weather. It’s comfortable, versatile, elongating, and won’t billow its way into indecent exposure as you casually linger above subway grates.

The Classic Cardigan. Find that perfect plushy and easy throw-on cardigan and you may just hold onto it for life (for better or for worse). Some notable style icons that don’t seem to leave the house without one include the Olsen twins, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, and Ryan Gosling (ooh lala)!

The Crossbody Bag. We may drool over hobos and clutches, but really the one bag that we pretty much carry on a daily basis is accepting of the fact that we are busy businesswomen and need both our hands available and our shoulder muscles intact. The crossbody is usually about the perfect size for all of our small essentials (which is part of what makes it a bigger essential) and straps are almost always removable when you can handle carrying it satchel-style (you lucky duck).

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