Designer Spotlight: Lara Miller Turns us Upside-Down and-Inside Out

Versatile products pop up every day in our lives: we have eye shadow, lip color, and blush all-in-one, collapsible bicycles, and just about everything doubles as a bottle opener anymore. But when it comes to Lara Miller‘s Flip Collection of convertible tops, cardigans, dresses, skirts, you name it – all possibilities are considered in a way that transcends the adaptation trend and shapes our wardrobes for the future.

The Chicago-based fashion designer offered us four collections now, beginning in Spring/Summer 2010 of wardrobe staples that twist into more than one (if not mant more than one) amazing styles…and she’s got the videos to prove it!

Eva Flip | Short Sleeve by Lara Miller from Lara Miller on Vimeo.

We’ve picked just a couple of her many cool convertible pieces, but you can watch all of them here.

Callie Cardigan/Dell Pleated Gauchos by Lara Miller from Lara Miller on Vimeo.

Best of all, Lara Miller puts a huge emphasis on sustainability. We always give extra props to our eco-friendly designers, but it’s also a practice that we hope to see everyone doing sooner rather than later!

And speaking of “eco-friendly” and “convertible”, we were immediately reminded of our convertible chains made from recycled 14 karat gold fill and sterling silver. They can be worn as one single long chain, as a lariat, doubled, as a tassle, or a bracelet and have become a popular everyday piece for our customers. Imagine a Lara Miller Dress accented with a Kyler convertible chain necklace – gorgeous!

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