Designer Spotlight: ULTRA. Sustainable. Seasonless. Style.

Team Jonathan Liang and Tengku Syahmi are ULTRA, the eco clothing label that won’t accept anything less than the best design AND sustainability. This is what’s necessary in the 21st century: fashion that is particularly well-designed for longevity that dabbles in innovation without being disposable.

The duo has really taken advantage of the textile industry’s advancements in fabrics, using materials like biodegradable tencel, salmon skin leather, soy and bamboo fibers, and recycled PET, just to name a few.

Simple details and sophisticated combinations of fabrics make their collections simply captivating, with styles that don’t focus on superficial and temporary trends, but rather the importance of well-made staples that are as timeless as they are beautiful. The concept is perfectly demonstrated with The Ultra 10: For $918.00 you get “a core wardrobe of ten pieces for your year”. Ten essential pieces made from organic and recycled fabrics – if you’re a natural stylist, you can do The Ultra 10 Challenge. Wear NOTHING but these ten essential pieces for 365 days. It’s the perfect excuse to stock up on cute handbags, shoes, and eco jewelry instead!


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