Our Top 10 Summer Obsessions

Our Top 10 Summer Obsessions

Complete with some awesome eco-friendly options!

1. Baby Wedges – the perfect amount of toe exposure and height makes these sweet sandals by Worsihofer great for the streets and the beach
2. Oceanic Earrings – shell-like jewelry is so evocative of the coast, in a gorgeous sea siren sort of way! Also check out our Oyster pendant earrings for the same vibe, both made from recycled metals
3. Denim Shirt Dress – an easy and cool addition to any wardrobe like this one by Sandro that we just love for its versatility. The denim shirt dress is a classic for sure, but this belt accent gives it a fresh look
4. Cool Mint Creme polish by Scotch Naturals – a non-toxic product in the “it” color for summer
5. Summer Salads – it’s the best time of year for fresh ingredients and the yummiest fruits! Check out 35 different recipes
6. Bangles – but not just any bangles! We’re all about adding a little interest by mixing up metal finishes and textures – made from recycled metals
7. Citrus Lip Gloss – try this organic option by Juice Beauty for that dewy shine, but not too much color
8. Cobalt Blue Shoes – a sassy platform in royal blue keeps this Summer’s color blocking trend going! Extra cute in suede like this pair from Coclico
9.  Wash-Suki paper products – bags made from conditioned paper like this one by Siwa are a great alternative to leather and double as a beach tote
10. Round Lense Sunglasses – try this eco-friendly pair from ICU Eyewear. The perfect touch of Olsen-chic that won’t break the bank


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