Put a Mark on the Art World

Christina Seely and I met at an open house for the Headlands Center for the Arts. I approached her to praise her latest work from the incredible LUX series, and saw that she was wearing Kyler earrings and bracelets! Needless to say, that conversation has continued into a friendship – Christina wears Kyler jewelry everywhere, and we’re currently backing her Kickstarter project! She just sent me these awesome photos wearing one of our minimal hammered cuff bracelet (and she’s got hoops up there, too) – we must say, we’ve seen Kyler worn just about everywhere – but on an arctic glacier? This is a first!

Please join us in supporting her latest project, Markers of Time, by backing it on Kickstarter. Through beautiful, accesible images, Markers of Time documents how climate change in the Arctic affects our ecosystems. Art can change perceptions, and we all can help. Not to mention backers receive “thank you” gifts for donations as small as $15 – you can help Christina spread awareness and bring beauty into our world!


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