summer updo obession – milkmaid braids

A little personal post about the newfound thing called a “hairstyle” I recently discovered… Those of you who know me, know that previous to the last year or so, I never had hair longer than much below my chin. All through my childhood I was pretty much forbidden to cut my hair, and my style emancipation at age 11 resulted in very short cuts for all of my teen into adult years, except for one very short-lived foray into braided extensions in my youthful Jane’s Addiction phase.

Over the last couple of years I have been growing out my hair to see what it looks like long again. At this point it’s a little below my shoulders. I have to admit that I don’t really have any clue what to do with it, save the usual washing/conditioning and the least amount of what one might loosely call styling. Even so, I’ve been feeling a little tired of my 3 usual looks – down, ponytail, or bun. Not very inspired.

So when I saw this story this AM on – 3 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat– I clicked right on over. There were some cute looks in there – I especially liked this one:

cute summer updo

cute summer updo with front braids

But I have short bangs, so this would not work exactly as shown. plus, with my fantastic braiding skillz (sarcasm) I wanted the braids to be in the BACK, not right up to my face. So, I clicked over to this little article on milkmaid braids they posted back in April with this gem of a look:

milkmaid braids

adorbs milkmaid braids

This seemed more doable, and I just decided to go for it… but I put the braids in the back… my hair’s just not that long yet! But it resulted in a pretty cute look… kind of a hot mess because I don’t know really what I’m doing, but we’ll say “romantic” because it sounds better. So these are the results of my first attempt at braiding and styling my own hair, EVER in my life. Thanks to Leslie for the pics, of course:

The best part? It’s up and contained so I can make jewelry without worrying about getting Isadora Duncan-ed into my grinder, and no “ponytail headache” that I usually get from pulling it back to work. Yay!

And because we are such good friends, I’m going to also show you the dorky photo that happened while we were trying to get a good one. This is pretty accurate representation of our day-to-day – Leslie making me die with her deadpan delivery of dry humor… with outgoing orders in the background too!

What do you guys think of my new braids? Yay or Nay?!

xo, joy=)

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