Top Picks From the Green Festival

As promised, we braved the patchouli to see what was hip and hot at the Green Festival today. As you know, Kyler is totally sustainable – but we are also committed to fabulous! So we went to find the gems that would undoubtedly be buried in the compost, and here are our favorite finds:

For your feet: Rockn Socks Earth Friendly Foot Fashion. These socks are made from regenerated cotton and are soft and comfy, and they come in a range of sweet patterns and stripes.We have been totally taken with the patterned ankle socks with sandals trend, and will be rockn some of these socks with a springtime dress and denim cropped jacket.

Also brimming over with fashionable pieces was  Sust Organic Apparel, where we taken with the stylish silhouettes and picked up a flowy and sophisticated  hemp tunic dress that will look hot with our skinny jeans, flat gladiator sandals and some kyler convertible chains this summer! Another score was a couple of cute modern dresses made from organic cotton with sustainable dyes from Synergy Organic Clothing. We loved their more spare and modern looks that used to be under the label Kate Organic, but are now available in the main line. Like them on facebook for the latest updates!

For your body and senses, we were thoroughly impressed with the essential oils that you can get from  Emigrant Organics. The company is run by the sweetest couple, selling incredibly high-quality organic essential oils and body care products. We especially loved the scent of roman chamomile – simply divine.

Other standouts in the natural body care arena were Heliotrope and Hello Mellow. Both have organic and natural products that feel and smell amazing. Our favorites were the fig cardamom soap, and the delicious and hydrating aromatherapy lip butters, which both feel and smell incredible.

After all those yummy smells, it was time for a tasty treat. We could NOT resist the salted almond chocolate bar from Theo’s Chocolate. Why even bother trying to say no?

All in all, it was a lovely day, and we feel lucky to have been able to check out the festival and enjoy the walk home in the gorgeous spring weather and get even more ideas for our eco jewelry!

Until later…

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