The Sexiest SF Sustenance…Our Favorite San Francisco Restaurants

Bar Agricole: An open space with aptly placed niches – Looking for an ample bar? Yours. Right next to birch-clad booths if you’re that kind of social butterfly, or take a step towards the back for more intimate four-seaters. Of course, if none of those options suit you, take three steps down into the lower dining area for both the auditory white noise and the ambiance, or get cozy next to a terra cotta fireplace on the patio out front. Needless to say, this place is huge – and not an inch of it hasn’t been considered for the best design.

We’d recommend the Ti Punch from the cocktail menu just to experience the accordingly-named rhum agricole.

Twenty Five Lusk: Tucked away on the Bay edges of SoMa, everything in this two-story restaurant lounge seems to be floating – take an hour to survey the cognac selection, and you will be too. Despite the open lightness of the atmosphere in this space, the decor is robust and sensual. You can’t just stay in one area, instead you have to try the duck confit in the kitchen and make your way to the oasisesque bar before getting cozy in the lounge, complete with Fireorbs.

Usually you have to travel a long way from San Francisco for a little bit of original brick…or come here and get brick and bourbon.

Beretta: We can’t view Escape from New York in the same indulgent fashion after experiencing pizza at Berretta. We recommend the prosciutto di parma, tomato, arugula, and mozzarella pizza with an add-on of burrata (sound familiar?) cheese. We’ve tried to recreate this one at home, and instead just end up back in their warm atmosphere with a much better wine selection.

Also worth trying is the añejo sour for a little froth in your glass…

The Summit: The new kid on the block in one of our favorite neighborhoods, The Summit is already getting some impressive press and reviews. We’ve found ourselves here in the daytime getting work done with all the other Macbooks and a nicer-than-usual cup of coffee, but at night the dessert menu comes out, and that’s what really makes The Summit sexy.

In those late hours, order the Tulsi: Thai basil Semifredo, blackberry soup, chocolate pavé, and blackberry compote.

Bar Bambino: It’s like walking back in time and then forward again, which although now that we think about it is like one giant circle, still lands you at Bar Bambino. Go for the food, stay for the wine. And don’t forget to ask your waiter to compare each bottle with a type of car model to put things into perspective.

Wait for the next warm day in the Mission to reap the benefits of this gorgeous back patio !

Coming up next…

Going to Wexler’s next week. We’ll give you the skinny (or not so skinny) on designer barbeque with a Transamerica view…

Until next time,

xo Kyler


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