A Cute Triangle in an Incredible Office – Cheap Monday’s Stockholm HQ

It comes to no surprise that one of our favorite fashion and denim brands (really, wearing a pair while writing this) would have equally admirable headquarters. Created by UglyCute Architecture and Design, the main office in Stockholm for Cheap Monday is 10,000 square feet of some of the most cunning use of 90 degree angles we’ve ever drooled over…

Upstairs serves as a public showroom for upcoming collections, while the downstairs area serves as an inspiring space for designers, inclusive of a pyramid-shaped conference room that really goes to show all the ways that triangles can make a room look so multifaceted.

And may we just mention how cute pets really enhance the space? Every square foot has been considered in this office for storage and seating opportunities without overcrowding each area.

Needless to say, we’re completely inspired by this environment – a true testament to the harmonious pairing of fashion and interior design! We advise that you keep an eye on UglyCute to see what they’re up to next, and slip into a pair of Cheap Mondays when you get a chance (they’re only about $70)!

Special thanks to Cyril Foiret at Trendland for this awesome content.


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