Stop the Water, Save the World, Get a Shampoo Mohawk

We are constantly thinking about design (we know that seems obvious, but we couldn’t emphasize that enough!) and we know that great design goes way beyond the product and expands on smart and attractive containers and packaging, all the way into how something looks in its shipping box. It’s why our jewelry is sent in a reusable Kyler by Joy O eco bag instead of a disposable box, why our shipping materials are cradle-to-cradle, and why opening a package from Kyler is kind of like your birthday!

So when we see brands that share our love for designs that make a beneficial statement, we’re pretty much sold. Enter Stop the Water While Using Me, a new brand of organic personal care products that not only use biodegradable containers, but also give you that little reminder that the shower doesn’t have to keep running while you’re making shampoo mohawks.

We love the simple and attractive package design and the fact that products are organic and don’t use unnecessary additives that go straight down your drain. Now we’re just tapping our feet until these fabulous new products are available this year!

We’re not the only ones paying special attention to eco-friendly products either, our very own Cameron Diaz is a green celebrity maven. Check out our Cameron Diaz jewelry!

Thanks to Cyril Style from Trendland for leading us to this brand!




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