Kyler’s Very Own Joy Opfer on PR Couture!

Crosby, we’re practically blushing! What an awesome article about Kyler by Joy O, not just from the standpoint of all jewelry lovers alike, but small business entrepreneurs as well!

Image Courtesy PR Couture

To any of you Kyler fans out there with a business mindset, take inspiration from a few tips, tricks, and firsthand experiences from Kyler Designs founder and designer Joy Opfer. Crosby Noricks is the founder of PR Couture, an online adventurer of PR, marketing, and social media in the fashion industry.  Her thorough yet engaging writing really shined a light on a different side of Kyler!

Image Courtesy PR Couture

We’re still learning new things every day and have a long way to go, but communication between small businesses keeps us thriving. We love being able to produce designer jewelry that you love! Thanks again to Crosby and PR Couture!



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