Our Top 3 Feline Fashion Picks are the Cat’s Meow

So by now you’re probably all aware of our affinity for all felines big and small, wild and domesticated, ferocious or sleeping on the windowsill. So when we spot awesome fashion finds that also pay homage to our beloved kitties, well, we want to cuddle with them too. Here are our top three feline fashion picks of the moment:

Markus Lupfer Felix the Cat Sweater on Asos.com

We LOVE this sweater by Markus Lupfer from Asos.com. It’s already too amazing that it uses sequins in a delicious palette of neutrals, but look at the expression on this kitten’s face – they totally nailed it! *A little online shopping tip: When ordering from Asos, use the UK site instead of the US site – the exchange rate is of higher value when you let the credit card companies handle it instead of the US site!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Crossbody Bag from Endless.com

Combining one of our favorite designers of quality and classic-yet-updated handbags with cats! It’s a Marc by Marc win-win, and we love how the topstitching is stylized like a blind contour.

Illustrated People Cat Backless Jumper from Topshop.com

Peekaboo! Ever wake up in a fog at 6 a.m. with your favorite feline pawing at your face? This is kind of like that – apart from having a super-cute open back that takes this sweater up a notch, we think this pullover by Illustrated People from Topshop.com kind of says, “Good morning! Feed me.”

So there you have it! We’re always tucking a little cat enthusiasm into our posts – so keep your specs on when visiting the Kyler blog!

Until next time,

2 responses to “Our Top 3 Feline Fashion Picks are the Cat’s Meow

  1. OMG!!! How come I haven’t run across you folks before?!? I love these items!! I just wish I had the disposable income to afford them! I love the third top, it is so cute. I love shirts with cats on them ,but in order for me to like them, they need to be a pleasing design. I don’t do overly cutsey cats, or fluffy kittens. I have a shirt from H&M I don’t have the heart to give up because I love it to pieces. It’s a grey 3/4 sleeve shirt, with an all-over print of little black cats. I also have a heavy metal maneki-neko shirt, which is so darn cute. My other fave is of that famous illustration by Toulouse-Lautrec of ‘Le Chat Noir’, which is printed on a creamy yellow scoop-neck tee. I think I may be follwoing you folks in the future. Nice post!

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