Mike Gonzalez Makes the Cut

Remember those delicious leather jackets from Mike & Chris that seem to melt right off your shoulders? Well, said brand’s Mike Gonzalez has something new to offer with his solo line of edgy geometrics and rad styling that already has us excited for next Spring!

We love to see h0w this ongoing tribal trend isn’t fading, but rather morphing into something new season by season. Gonzalez has taken a very African direction with this Spring/Summer 2011 line, and loads on the saturated prints, head scarves, and accessories in a way that makes this tribal vibe look almost futuristic.

We think that cut-outs, like the triangles in the chest and hem of this dress, are going to be huge by the time things warm up next year. We’ll see what happens!

This collection is just asking for a little Picot Facet, or any of our green jewelry from the Futurelore collection, don’t you think?

xoxo Kyler

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