Joseph Jang Upcycles His Way to Couture

We’ve seen it before – friends turning corseted dresses into tops, bags made of seat belts, cut-offs…but it’s not often that the new product is as great as its predecessor. Such is not the case with Melbourne-based fashion designer Joseph Jang, who turns castaway denim into wearable sculptures.

Sure, anyone can pull a pair of jeans apart and sew them back together, but apart from Jang’s phenomenal execution and innovative silhouettes, we love how much attention he paid to complementing denim washes with each other. In a see of blue shades and finishing techniques, we know that’s not an easy thing to do.

The simple but killer styling of this small shoot is what makes these models look like goddesses from some undiscovered aquatic culture, even in the midst of abused city streets.

Extra props for choosing an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing new fabric. Because of the salvaged nature of the materials used, these pieces are one-of-a-kind. Better get your fill before he’s big in the US!

We can totally see this first design with seventies chic Power Crystals for one avant garde and futuristic evening look!

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