Georges Rousse – Gorgeous Tricks of the Eye

The general art world, and consequential mediums, have moved quite far into many realms over the course of time. Digital altering and even sculptures made from bubble gum are now favored over classic media such as oil and canvas (so awesome, but where do we put it?!). So believe it or not, when we see artwork that gets back to the roots of classic mediums and chooses content over material to evoke a contemporary vision, well, that’s when we start buying. Right now it’s Georges Rousse, the face of the artistic style of Geometrism.

These pieces from Rousse’s current Geometrism incarnation, The Durham Project, are simply photographs of intricate sets painstakingly taken with precise angles and lighting. Although the efforts to create this perfect synopsis of geometry in space are extreme, the results are harmonious. Some images may be accented with additional painting techniques on top, but all have achieved a very futuristic feel with photography and paint alone.

Georges Rousses’s work reminds us that there really is a worldly way to experience unknown places in different dimensions through the perfect execution of detailed sets. The Durham Project really makes you want to stand in these rooms and observe these dimensions from all angles.

These trompe l’oeil pieces are certainly no bubble gum business. Now, where are we going to get a few grand to pick one of these babies up? Hmm….maybe we’ll make a tromp l’oeil sustainable jewelry collection!

Until next time,

xoxo Kyler


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