Mark Fast is a Bird of a Feather

You know what they say…

Mark Fast, although currently lesser known amongst the general public, is still recognizable by his macabre-like slicing techniques and his unconventional choice of runway models (including plus sizes). We took one look at his previous Spring collections and knew that those feathery cocktail numbers and our recent Lucet Collection were a match made in heaven.

Fast’s choice of androgynous models with powerful styling creates the human version of an exotic bird on the runway.

If we were at these runway shows, we probably would have just hopped up on the catwalk and slapped one of these three Kyler styles right on the models:

Kyler by Joy O Plume Matinee Necklace in Gold

Kyler by Joy O Lady Amherst Pendant Earrings in Steel

Kyler by Joy O Tignes Matinee Necklace in Gold

Well, perhaps that’s too harsh, but we really mean it when we say that these collections speak to us. We’re hoping to see more of Mark Fast soon, with new methods of his trademark technique. We guess birds of a feather really do flock together!

Until next time,


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