Joie de Weave – Patchwork Knits Have us Tangled Up in Grey

Today is misty and fluorescent – a precursor to San Francisco’s November/December atmosphere and reminiscent of Washington or Maine. So do we even need to say that we have vacation in mind? We’re imagining some great classic movies, a stack of books, and Bon Iver on repeat in a cozy little cabin (designed by Per Bornstein, of course) tucked away in miles of plush green pine trees, and we’ve spotted the perfect new trend for our imaginary vacation hideaway…

Vila Long Shawl Cardigan with Instarsia Patchwork Design, $75.83 at

The classic horse blanket cardigan made so iconic by the likes of Edie Sedgwick and Leslie Feist gets a new twist this Winter with asymmetrical patchwork in cool shades of grey.

Joie Irisia Argyle Batwing Cardigan, $258.00 at

The look carries into tops, tunics, and dresses as well:

Cut 25 Patchwork Oversized Jersey Tunic, $325.00 at

Chunky versions of the same style almost give the look a vintage feel:

Knitted Grey Paneled Cardigan, $160.00 at

Of course anytime we hear about patchwork, knitting, crocheting, etc., we can’t help but think about the Lucet Collection. Picot Facet shares that same angular, pieced-together look that we love so much and a perfect pair with the latest jewelry trends.

Kyler by Joy O Picot Facet Matinee Necklace in Steel, $76.00 at

Kyler by Joy O Picot Facet Pendant Earrings in Steel, $68.00 at

If there’s one thing to love about gloomy SF weather, it’s online shopping! Enjoy Kyler fans!

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