Kodak and Taku Onoda Wear the Same Rose Colored Glasses

It wasn’t so long ago that we just had to share a video on the Kyler Facebook page that deserved some real praise. We described the Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test with the following statement:

“This is a gorgeous and inspiring short that precedes today’s modern take on vintage by decades! The simplistic editing and lengthy duration of shots give these lovely ladies such a human and graceful disposition.”

And that’s just what we could fit into a tiny wall post! The lengthy shots are something to behold, long before our attention spans couldn’t last much longer than 10 seconds – and the resulting colors are predicted to be some of the hottest colors for Fall (glassy seafoams and peachy corals). Perhaps it was the nostalgic, scenic soundtrack by Gregg Stephen Lehrman that made us swoon, but either way, we weren’t the only ones!

Contrary to the way that the video appeared modern when it was in fact decades old, contemporary photography by the mysterious Taku Onoda is breaking out now with grainy and muted hues that make shots appear vintage.

And here we are again with the gorgeous neon Gibson Girls! We think we sense a new trend stirring about, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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Until next time!




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