Les Chiffoniers : Bringing Sexy Back

According to Les Chiffoniers, sexy is not achieved by formula. So as to say that red patent heels + tiny black satin dress does not always = hottness (in fact in can often render an opposite result). But where sexy can not be quantified, it certainly can be cultivated – from the zeitgeist, from the human form, and from the perfect muse. Let’s just say that this Fall 2010 collection is more biology, less mathematics – and we think that’s just gorgeous:

We love the muted hues in this gorgeous blazer/dress (now that’s a first!) that give the usually garish gold sequin a softer, glowing feel.

On the contrary, a slate version of the same surface design becomes timelessly industrial.

Without overuse of multiple textiles, Les Chiffoniers has created sensual tones and textured interest through asymmetrical draping and layering.

An expertly-cast Al Pacino so confidently stated as John Milton, “A woman’s shoulders are the front lines of her mystique”. It’s exposure in unconventional ways that can make “sexy” fresh again.

Of course we’re thinking up every imaginable way that these looks can be paired with designer jewelry from Kyler. Maybe some of our Cameron Diaz jewelry like hoops and cuffs? Always the perfect everyday jewelry accents!

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