Béhar in the Sky with Diamonds

Swarovski always seems to be coming up with the next amazing crystalline creations, but this time we have to give it to German/Turkish interior and product designer Yves Béhar, who raised the roof (and the bar) at the Salone Del Mobile, held at the Swarovski Crystal Palace April of this year.

The exterior of the lamps is a basic wood and paper design (recycled materials, too!), but the key to the dazzling fragments of light that the lanterns emit comes from, you guessed it, a crystal on the inside, reflecting off a small LED light.

Although the clean and crisp white lanterns are certainly the ones that we’d have hanging over our dining room table, they weren’t the only direction that Béhar went in with the concept. If the white ones are diamonds, consider this one to be a giant amethyst.

Since these gorgeous lanterns are made from recycled materials, of course they’re one-of-a-kind, and the closest thing you can purchase is a barely there Ikea copy, but why not make your own?

It’s no wonder that we’re such fans – beautiful crystal-like shapes made from recycled materials…sound familiar?

Behar’s design : these earrings as the ceiling : your ears.

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