Don’t You Just Love Decorating?!

When you think about it, your home is like an outfit that you wear 24/7. The opportunity to “change outfits” comes far less frequently than a quick wardrobe change, so making solid and confident choices when selecting furniture is key. These are a few pieces of home decor that we would put in our pads. *PLUS* They’re so gorgeous it’s like getting new artwork too!

Vintage Italian Floor Lamp, Circa 1960s from Monument. $3,200

Joris Laarman Bone Chaise from ArtNet, Price upon request

Two Legs Table by Ben Klinger, Price upon request

Jake Phipps Stellar Mirror, Price upon request

Eames Lounge Linocut by Eric Rewitzer from 3 Fish Studios, $25

We just love how each of these pieces has such an evident piece of inspiration behind it. An organic Eiffel Tower, a human bone, a tree branch, a brilliant diamond, and we’d top things off with the perfect print from our friends over at 3 Fish Studios.



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