Lee McQueen – If a Ballad were a Book…

The day of Alexander McQueen‘s death last February we were sitting at the breakfast table with our toast and laptops. All it took was one refresh of the Facebook homepage and our news feeds were splattered with condolences and deep statements of respect paying homage to the British fashion designer. It was obvious that a wave had been made, and the Tsunami that came as a result was soon going to hit the masses.

Publicity for his brand new collection continued in magazines and on billboards as though an eerie ghost remained in his studio, while spin-off products flooded shelves exploiting the occurence, perhaps to the extent of distaste.

While some companies’ mourning quickly transposed to marketing schemes, other members of the fashion industry and arts alike were irrevocably devastated. Although their sadness will likely continue, the disturbed air can finally be laid to rest, and tasteful and adoring odes to McQueen are making their first and final round.

We are partial to the latest contribution from Visionaire. The 58th edition of the conceptual coffee table book line is dedicated to McQueen and contains not only remnants of his past as a fashion icon of the 20th and 21st century, but also a planned project between the designer and Visionaire which never saw production. Artistic contributions come from a long list of names including Nick Knight, Mario Testino, and Lady Gaga.

Even more alluring was the Couture-ified version of this edition running for 1500 euros. The inspirational magnitude of the book is immediately evident in its gorgeous cover sleeve.

To have a our most recent Power Crystals collection reflect a similar aesthetic is a rewarding observation, considering the huge talent of the designers that collaborated to design the cover.

We hope to see sales of this publication (perhaps not the 1500 euro version, but at least the general one of 350 euros) soar. The whole thing is a work of art, and its contents could literally be pulled out and pasted on enough walls to furnish an entire house with unparalleled talent in McQueen’s name.

Until next time,

xoxo Kyler


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