Drumroll please…

It’s finally here, and we can’t help feeling a little empowered! The brand new Power Crystals Collection from Kyler is based on the actual crystalline structure of the minerals rutile, rhodonite, quartz, and pyrite along with their metaphysical properties and spiritual meanings. Although they look like crystal formations, they’re made from our signature 100% recycled stainless steel pendants and precious metals such as 14 karat gold fill and sterling silver. Take your pick from power crystals that amplify, boost confidence, attract, and get things moving!

Mixed Crystals Charm Bracelet from Kyler

This also kicks off the first ever charm bracelet from Kyler! Hopefully this will be the start of many other charm bracelet styles in future collections! It also combines to types of crystal styles – a little extra metaphysical power never hurt anybody!

New, super-elegant dusters move from daytime to nighttime – Rhodonite will plant a seed for budding relationships that blossom into lifelong loves.

And right on time, a new shoe collection from our favorite new discovery, Raphael Young. He designed this Fall 2010 collection around heliocentric theory. The result? More geometric, crystal-like shapes for us to drool over.

We hope you check out the new collection! We’re so excited to see the new crystal trend grow, just in time for this Fall!

Of course you can always find your favorite eco jewelry, green jewelry, designer jewelry, everyday jewelry, eva longoria jewelry, cameron diaz jewelry, and jewelry trends at kylerdesigns.com.

Until next time,

xoxo Kyler

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