We All Scream for Icica

I scream, you scream, who wouldn’t scream for Icica?! It’s the sustainable footwear concept from London College of Fashion graduate Helen Furber. Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful, these shoes can easily be separated into multiple components to be recycled appropriately once you’ve worn them to death – and to kick things off (no pun intended), the first version of this likely-to-be-standard design pays homage to phenomenons of nature and gradual decay – think giant icebergs and octopus ink.

Don’t get us wrong, there are tons of shoes out there that use recycled or recyclable materials, but the problem is that you can’t take the shoes apart without making a mess, rendering the shoe unable to be recycled. It’s this simple issue that Helen Furber resolved.

We immediately think of our Nimbus Drop necklace in icy cool shades of silver.

We can’t wait to see what Furber comes up with next!




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