James Hopkins – Loved to Death

Don’t you just love when you find the perfect object? Maybe it’s from a flea market table or hiding in the bottom of a thrift store bin, or maybe it was a splurge. Regardless, we all feel the same sort of pride and accomplishment that comes with possession of that fabulous set of champagne flutes, that flawless jewelry box, or that vintage letter opener. It’s all about finding that perfect something.

So what if that something was perfect for your other perfect somethings? What if those perfect somethings created something perfect? Yeah, that’s kind of what James Hopkins‘ new stuff is all about.

In his latest project Vanitas, Hopkins collects objects that would otherwise be contextually lost, and not only gives them harmonious company, but also creates a morbid composition in the shape of a skull.

Black Still Life


Design for Life

Last Days

Prosperity Decay

Shelf Life

Wasted Youth

Doesn’t this just make you want to rearrange your shelves at home? Hopkins has all kinds of mesmerizing collections that have given him a household name. Check out all the works here: http://www.jameshopkinsworks.com/index.html

We’re also big fans of his “Balanced Works”. Enjoy!




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