Tush Mag Has Us Feeling the Power

Did we ever mention that we’re a female-owned and operated company? Don’t get us wrong, our male customers are some of the sweetest, but we do pride ourselves in succeeding in what is more or less, still a man’s world. We love this editorial, Just for One Day, from Tush Magazine for reminding us just how powerful we lovely ladies can be – and that means YOU TOO Kyler fans! Go save the world!

The drama of Poison Ivy in this editorial is just gorgeous, but if we could do a quick change in a telephone booth, we would totally come out as Wonder Woman. Check out those geometrics! Absolutely powerful and heroic.

Which leads us to our “power pieces”. Here’s what we think are the most powerful looks from Kyler to date:

Kyler Coquille Matinee Necklace

Kyler Nimbus Drop Necklace

Kyler Picot Facet Pendant Earrings

Of course you can always find your favorite eco jewelry at Kyler!


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