To Snood, or not to Snood?

They’ve been everywhere lately – dripping over the faces of top models, and blowing in the wind on the head of that fashion forward girl walking across Union Square. But the real question is, can we…nay, dare we, rock the modern snood? It’s come a long way from those old fishnet caps a lá high school lunch lady into elegant silks, knits, and cotton voiles.

Striped Snood from Net-a-Porter

Sometimes we just worry that we’ll look like we’re about to cross a desert in 500 B.C.

Snood by Missoni

The final verdict: There is a time and a place, like a breezy park in Autumn, where this new (yet historic) method of snood-wearing is appropriate and stylish. We love the versatility, the flawless drape, and the pure and ethereal nature of the accessory that just boasts femininity in every way.

You could select one of Missoni’s cashmere blend snoods, along many other top brands, but we’ve also heard that H&M has quite the selection at the moment. In the meantime, happy snooding and pair it with the latest jewelry trends from Kyler!


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