A Musing.

Every designer has them – those fabulous haunting ladies that continue to intrigue and inspire. There’s hardly any lovely lady out there that we don’t think looks great with a little touch of Kyler, but here’s a select few that we want to tell you all about!

Francoise Hardy

Apart from her sweet, French, je ne se sais quoi, Francoise Hardy has managed to remain classic, beautiful, simple, and best of all, respectable since the beginning of her career. For her, life was easy as long as there was a song in your heart. To this day she hasn’t had a career hiccup or scandal – that’s what makes her a lady of grace and class.

Annie Leibovitz

Of the many reasons to love Annie Leibovitz and her infamous photography talent, we like that she’s got soul. There’s something about her that just says “I’ve lived a wonderful life, and I’m going to keep on living it. Accomplishing as much as she as and looking so sunkissed doing it, well, live on, Annie.

Cameron Diaz

Okay, so yes, we do LOVE Cameron because she just looks so fabulous when she puts on her Kyler minimal hammered hoops and cuffs in the mornings, but we also have a huge appreciation for her green reputation. Cameron makes a great effort to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle, and you can see it in the chic and breezy outfits she wears while stepping out of a hybrid.

Els Pynoo

Vive Le Fete female counterpart, Els Pynoo, has the right idea. She has just the right getup for her casual daytime activities, but totally rocks couture looks at night and for shows. It pays off being a rockstar, but we think her awesome sense of style has something to do with it too.

Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson, apart from being a top model and swathed in designer clothing as a job, really pulls it together off the runway as well. From her extensive closet, she always pulls out a great casual chic look and then throws something more edgy into the look. We think this method really works for her, and just might try throwing some combat boots on with our T by Alexander Wang.

Emma Watson

She had already been gaining attention for her ever-changing, but ever-polished street style, when Emma Watson was signed to be the new face of Burberry. We think they couldn’t have made a better decision, and now swoon every time we flip a magazine page to her simple yet fabulous advertisements.

These are ladies we love – get the green jewelry you love at kylerdesigns.com.

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