M.I.A. in Alexander Wang

We find inspiration in everything, from modern art to hot runway looks, nature, friends, life in general. So when we see that another designer (and especially one as fabulous as Alexander Wang) recognizes the same beauty in the same piece of inspiration, well, we get a little excited. This time around it was dramatic, organic, handmade lace evening wear, and who else could rock it but M.I.A. at the 2010 MET Ball?

M.I.A. in Alexander Wang at 2010 MET Ball

We’re instantly reminded of Kyler’s Lucet Collection, particularly our Plume pendant style, which in addition to coming in pendant earring, pendant necklace, matinee necklace, and brand new drape necklace styles, shares the same peacock feather silhouette so noticeable in Wang’s design.

Kyler's Plume Drape Necklace

You can see a little more of this handmade lace influence in Wang’s Fall 2010 collection. Until then, we’re just waiting for his next installation – who knows if it might just be another perfect match with the current jewelry trends and Kyler?!


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