Eco Week – Eco Chic

Refinery 29's Green Designer Picks

Did we mention what huge fans we are of Coclico shoes – they’re so well-designed, wearable, and stylish that you’d forget they were Earth-friendly! Refinery 29 is great at finding the best little picks of all sorts, both high fashion, casual, and eco-friendly, like in this Eco-Friendly Fashion Guide article. But we wanted to show you some of our picks too, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite eco-products of the moment. Hope you enjoy!

Some of Kyler's Favorite Eco Picks!

If you don’t already know about Ascension, you’ve got to check it out. This UK ethical fashion vendor carries one of the largest selection of eco-fashion that we’ve seen, and we have to admit that it’s pretty much all adorable. Like these great ankle boots from WHERE, exclusive Ascension waist belt, and EKOSense dress. And we can’t help but throw in yet another fabulous eco look from sustainable designer Linda Loudermilk.

Eco-Friendly Looks from Bhalo

Also check out this article from EcoFashionWorld about Bhalo, a company that not only makes great prints, but empowers women in impoverished countries. Bhalo has been working towards ethical fashion from the beginning.

Get your favorite eco jewelry from your favorite sustainable jeweler at


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