Lonny Mag’s got Eco Style

Have you heard about Lonny Magazine? They’re pretty new, but they’re already gaining a big following for their digital mag accessibility and their fresh angle on home and lifestyle. This month is their ECO ISSUE, and we’re not bragging or anything, but they featured a FABULOUS pair of Kyler Twine Pendat Earrings. We thought it was pretty great to be a part of a new revolution in how the world receives information, and moving forward with the eco concept too! After all, when it comes to jewelry trends, eco jewelry, green jewelry, and designer jewelry from your favorite San Francisco-based jeweler, we know what’s up.

More importantly, CHECK OUT THESE SHOES at the bottom of the same page!

Kyler in Lonny Magazine's Eco Issue...and shoes!

We think these Coclico Lilly shoes are HOT! We just love it when Kyler is paired with fashion that really hits the nail on the head.
Oh, and one more thing:

Those Twine pendant earrings, or anything for that matter, are YOURS for 15% off when you use discount code PEOPLE15 at checkout! We’re doing this until Earth Day, April 22nd, so get in on the action while you have the chance!

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