It’s Caturday!

We proudly confess to our frequent ICHC visits, general “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”-ing at cute and silly viral kitten pictures, and overall kitty obsession. Here’s some of our favorite kitty applications:

Melinda Josie – Melinda covers all kinds of media, from fine arts to textiles, and childrens books illustrations. Her work is so darn cute, we could just eat it up. You can purchase her textile designs in different blends by the yard!

Can you imagine a dress from this fabric with some Kyler earrings?!

Deserves a big spot over the couch

United Bamboo – We already have this 2010 calendar hanging in our office in all of its glory. There is not a day that goes by that we are not reminded of cats in couture.

United Bamboo 2010 Kitty Couture Calendar

Rebecca Collins Cat Art – What’s better than regular kitties? Neon kitties. Hands down.

Rebecca Collins - Cat Art

So that all being said, did we mention we’re having a sale? Out friend Cat (I sense a theme!) Lincoln gave Kyler a flattering review, featuring our medium Swash pendant earrings in steel! So we’re offering 20% off this style, in gold, steel, or black when you use the discount code GRNDAILY20 at checkout! Of course you can find your favorite jeweler at

Read the review! It nearly has us blushing…

Reap the 20% off rewards:
Swash pendant earrings in steel
Swash pendant earrings in black
Swash pendant earrings in gold

Happy Caturday!


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