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Oooohh, shameless self-promotion. It’s hard to do. But the truth is, this blog is all about things we like. Things we want to talk about, things we’re excited to tell you! So we try to shy away from making it look more like an infomercial and less like something…well, human.

That being said, I’m going to do this once, and once only. We LOVE talking to you, and this location is for real human communication between you and Kyler, but you don’t really get the 411 when it comes to sales, changes within the company, new collections…you get the idea. If you want that hook up, then fan us on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter.

So there, we did it. Become a fan and follow us, we love you, and we promise you’ll be the first to know what’s new, like in categories like Eva Longoria jewelry, Cameron Diaz jewelry, and everyday jewelry!



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