Akris HorseHair Handbag

Apart from the fact that this new style of handbag from Akris is absolutely exquisite, we also like the particular fashion in which they’ve used an animal product.

It’s hard not to use animal products. Make it your intention, and you still may find out that all the things you thought were “vegan” still had some effect on earth’s creatures. And we admit it, being an environmentally-friendly company and sustainable jeweler, we still love the occasional supple leather jacket and/or non-tofu lunch.

So when Albert Kriemler of Akris came out with the Ai Handbag, painstakingly constructed with woven horsehair paneling, we thought to ourselves that there really is an ethical way to use animal products.

Loved by Kyler!

Akris Ai Handbags are well-loved by Kyler!

The hair is trimmed from the tails of Mongolian horses in small quantities. There’s no pain involved, they don’t lop it all off at once, and the horses are not bred specifically for this purpose, so NO ANIMAL FARMING!

These particularly ideal conditions don’t come for free though. One of these bags costs around $3,000, but minus the price, it’s TOTALLY KYLER!


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