Clever Household Design is a Reminder of Our Environment

Kyler by Joy O loves this leaf-shaped spoon!

We love the thought behind this Japanese artist's design.

Sorry for the long overdue post Kyler fans! We’ve been so busy lately, not just with the flow of February jewelry orders, but also with some interior renovation! Re-thinking furniture and paint colors (there are some great new eco-friendly paint lines on the market these days) has gotten us all excited about new and innovative household accessory designs, like this leaf-shaped spoon that we found on This was one of the many clever designs entered into one of their design competitions.

Here’s what the designer had to say about it:

This spoon makes us softly feel that we live to be given the blessings of nature. It is designed with the wish that we think a great regards of dining more and more as human’s essential workings in the future .

We’re always happy to discover designers that have a similar philosophy to Kyler. As simple as it is, this piece is subtle, yet evocative, and provides itself as a reminder of our environment…eh, sound familiar? We love it! And you can get your fix of the relevant jewelry trends always at Kyler.


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